What to expect when attending your initial consultation (allow up to 45 mins)

What to Expect On Your 1st Visit to Life Physiotherapy Clinic

For access to the building ring the bell for Cap City Dental 

If possible please arrive 5 minutes early for registration.

On the first visit your initial physiotherapy consultancy will begin with a two part assessment. Firstly a short interview enabling your physio to gain necessary information surrounding your current injury, your medical history and any relevant lifestyle factors.  Secondly the Physical Examination.  Which gives objective information regarding the injury or condition itself.

The assessment process paves the way for accurate diagnosis with effective and safe treatment.  Being thorough at the beginning often means a better prognosis.

It is usual to have to undress for the physical examination.  Especially on the initial appointment for the assessment purpose.  A good idea is to bring shorts and a small top to change into. The Physiotherapist will need to examine and observe as much of the problem area as possible to maximise positive outcome.

We look forward to seeing you.

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