General Physiotherapy

We assess and manage all musculoskeletal conditions including

  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Pre & Post Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Headaches
  • Pregnancy related Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain (Pre and Post Natal)
  • Bone Fractures and Joint Dislocation
  • Osteoarthritis – Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Joint Pain and Inflammation
  • Ligament Sprains
  • Muscle Strains & Tears
  • Anterior Knee Pain – ITB syndrome
  • Hip Pain
  • Rotator Cuff injury
  • Bursitis and Impingement Syndrome
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Tendinopathy – tennis elbow, golfers elbow, achilles pain
  • Lymphedema Management
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Ergomonic assessment
  • Postural correction and Scoliosis management

Specialist Spinal Pain Clinic

Life Physiotherapy is a centre for expert specialist treatment and rehabilitation for spinal pain and spinal movement dysfunction. Roberto Colombini is first and foremost a spinal specialist. For over 10 years, he has taken on the role of diagnostic problem solver in the most complex and persistent of spinal pain and movement injuries, gaining outcomes which supersede client expectations, both in the short and long term.

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Migraines and Headaches

Migraine is a common health condition, affecting around 1 in every 5 women and around 1 in every 15 men.

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Temporo Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD)

TMD is loss in optimal mechanical function of the jaw, resulting in pain around the temporomandibular joint, jaw bone, face, teeth and often manifests with headaches. The origins generally lay shortening of facial and neck muscles, which in turn begins with poor neck and head posture, teeth grinding or lock jaw clenching (bruxism). Other symptoms of TMD can be clicking or popping in the jaw while eating or yawning. “Close Lock”, the inability to fully open the mouth or conversely a locking phenomenon of the jaw in an open position.

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Sports Injury Clinic

Muscular overload, ligament sprains, joint impact and knocks are all routine while training for, or competing at our chosen sports. But what should we do when the adrenaline levels drop, the body cools and we are left with pain, bruising, inflammation and swelling? Injuries that prevents us from enjoying our next Match, Ride, or Competition.

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Tendons are strong cord like structures which attach muscle to bone and perform the task of energy transfer to create movement at the bodies joints.

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The placement of very fine needles into specific points located on the surface of the body in order to yield a physiological response from both the central nervous system and locally at the treatment area. Acupuncture has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine.

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Sports Massage

A professional sports massage is a great way of re-invigorating tired muscles and working out the knots, stiffness and aches of sporting competition and training.

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