Sports Massage

A professional sports massage is a great way of re-invigorating tired muscles and working out the tension and  knots. Which develop in muscles after sporting competition and training regimes that can leave us feeling stiff and sore.

Sports massage helps increase blood flow to the various  tissues of the body.  Maximising the delivery of vital oxygen and cellular nutrients to the muscles and joints.  The resultant local increase in vascular circulation will help to flush out the bio-chemical toxins and by-products of cell metabolism.  These body chemicals are produced during and after rigorous cardiovascular exercises.

In addition the mechanical stimulus to the muscles of the area massage facilitates the reabsorption stagnant fluid in the surrounding soft tissues. Helps the movement of venous blood back towards the lungs and heart.  A process that is especially useful to those of us whom have suffered inflammation from knocks on the sports field, or tissue strain during training.

At Life Physiotherapy the Sports massage provided is a combination of

  1. Traditional massage techniques.
  2. Oedema mobilisation (to help move static tissue fluid)
  3. Trigger point therapy (to relax tight muscles)
  4. Myofascial release ( to release the connective tissue around muscles).

The net physiological effect is accelerated and maximised soft tissue recovery and regeneration.  Don’t forget that there is also that great feel good factor now that all your tight sore muscles are feeling strong, healthy and supple.

Try a sport massage today!

Useful both before or after your big sporting or competitive event. Yielding therapeutic effects and facilitating physical health and performance.  Either in preparation for sport or to aid  your recovery.

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Life Physiotherapy massaging male with injurd calf muscle

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